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Contact Tracing for Higher Education / Contact Tracing for Colleges / Contact Tracing for Universities

Contact Tracing

Empower your team to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions, while still providing compassion and empathy.

A Contact Tracing system built for organizations.

The HexagonEngage Contact Tracing module is designed to make things easy for contact tracing investigators to maintain digital records, while providing analytics and insights. The Contact Tracing module consists of new workflow functionality specific to Contact Tracing concepts, following templates from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).

HexagonEngage is solely a web-based, software-as-a-service system. No mobile app is involved, and no Bluetooth technology for smartphones is involved. While some "digital contact tracing" systems blur the lines between tracing and tracking, the HexagonEngage Contact Tracing module is a tracing system to help with case investigations.

Contact Tracing module includes:



Track identified symptomatic individuals, and log their recent contacts. Six (6) ready-to-use reports.

Case Contacts


Track case contacts of identified symptomatic individuals.

Case & Contact Follow-up


Track daily follow-ups with Cases and Contacts to evaluate any possible symptoms. Provide your team with a structured, digital procedure for reporting symptoms. Reminders for daily follow-ups by automated email.

Contact Journal


For individuals to take preventative steps to list the places they have been and the people they came in contact with at each place. Reminders for daily journal entries by automated email.

What is Contact Tracing?

A tactic used for many years by public health officials to break the chain of transmission of infectious diseases and limit the spread of infections.

Various systems provide "digital contact tracing," but not all of these systems provide the same capabilities. The HexagonEngage Contact Tracing module offers tools for both proactive and reactive "digital contact tracing."


Through automated email reminders, individuals can note daily journal entries with the places they have been and the people they came in contact with at each place.

HexagonEngage Contact Tracing module:

  • Cases
  • Contact Journal
  • Case Follow-up

Enable your team to conduct investigations to track cases and their recent contacts as well as automated email reminders for daily symptom follow-ups.

HexagonEngage Contact Tracing module:

  • Cases
  • Case Contacts
  • Case & Contact Follow-up

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Simplified implementation timelines. Your team
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As a small business in San Diego, California, HexagonEngage is
proud to offer this capability at a very budget-friendly rate.

Contact Tracing

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$390 / month

(that's approx. $ 13 per day)

Contact Tracing only

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Privacy is important to HexagonHub

While HexagonHub does not have any form of medical expertise, we are trying to be proactive to provide resources and help for organizations. For the latest information from the CDC, please refer to

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