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HexagonEngage engagement platform

Screen captures and illustrations of HexagonEngage

HexagonHub makes it easy.

Everyday Management Tools

Take advantage of the easy-to-use tools for your community engagement, to simplify administrative work and collect insights needed to run a smooth operation.

Organized, Compiled Insights

Identify engagement trends and interests to expand and strengthen the impact of the experience. Visualize your engagement.

Centralized, Streamlined Processes

Common workflows all in one centralized location to increase organization productivity and efficiency, enhanced with real-time analytics.

Web-based access across devices

No apps or software to install. Available to your team and community members through an internet browser across smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Powerful, Meaningful Insights

both Qualitative and Quantitative

Focused on Engagement

  • Take notes on formal and informal interactions with community members.
  • Easily view insights on community member involvement from attendance
  • Set milestones for community members to achieve through engagement
  • Automatically see trends of engagement
Community Engagement
Program Proposals and Program Evaluations - Track Performance

Programming: Proposals to Evaluations

  • Organization users can submit proposals for programs they are planning.
  • Supervisors can review evaluations with the ability to approve or return for modifications.
  • After a program has been hosted, organization user accounts can easily use the approved program proposal as a starting point for drafting their program evaluation.
  • Program Evaluations may also be submitted for approval without the need of a previously approved program proposal, such as for spontaneous programs.
  • Each organization member can track their individual progress towards completing job expectations for programming categories and interactions.

Assessment Surveys & Polls

  • Create surveys and micro-surveys for community members
  • Link pre-assessment surveys to a Program Proposals
  • Link post-assessment surveys to a Program Evaluations
  • Create move-out information gathering surveys
  • Easily create surveys for feedback, interests, voting, and more.
  • Option to send surveys by email or text message (SMS, additional fees apply at $0.10 per SMS)

Assessments is an Add-On Module available for paid subscriptions*.

Assessments / Surveys & Polls

Reports and Data Visualization

Empowering organizations with meaningful insights to be more productive and efficient, with a focus on engagement.

Reports and Data Visualization

  • Organization user accounts are empowered to view real-time reports and data visualization as a representation of their progress towards completing expectations.
  • Administrators can view real-time reports and data visualization of how organization user accounts are performing.
  • Programming Reports are automatically updated as program evaluations are submitted by organization user accounts and approved by their direct supervisors.

Some ready-to-use reports include:

  • Total Attendance / Engagement Points
  • Low Engagement Level
  • Milestones: Leader Board
  • Program Evaluations Report: Monthly Attendance by Program Category
  • Program Evaluations: Pulse Report
  • Program Proposals and Evaluations Report: Monthly Counts
  • Program Categories: Monthly Counts

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Reduce Printing

Go Green. Sustainability and Efficiency

  • Reduce the number of documents needed to be printed and go green!
  • Administrators are able to upload documents (file types allowed are: .doc, .xls, .pub, .pdf, .jpg, .png and .gif) to be displayed on the Dashboard as downloadable resources.
  • Website links can also be posted to serve as resources for organization user accounts.


  • Industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used to increase security of your data.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (optional for each user account)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via Shibboleth, Google Accounts, or Microsoft Azure AD (optional for Paid Subscription Plans)
On the Cloud

On the Cloud

  • As a web-based system, HexagonHub is hosted and delivered over the Internet to your organization.
  • No hardware, software or dedicated IT personnel needed.
  • Whenever we add new features to the modules you have selected (based on your subscription plan and add-on options), they are automatically available to you as part of your membership subscription.
Gauge Experience

Monitor Program Funding & Expenditures

  • You have the option to set the yearly funding budget for each organization user account, part of the Program Funding Module.
  • As your organization users plan programs, they can monitor their remaining balance.
  • Administrators can generate funding reports to see where dollars have been spent.


  • Organization users can tag program proposals and program evaluations
  • Organization users can add tags to community member records to indicate their interests
  • Organization users can browse across program proposals, program evaluations, and community members by a combination of tags.
  • My Impact, a special blend of data vizualization to help your organization planning focused on interests of their community members.
Calendar of Programs

Calendar of Events

  • Allow organization users to inform each other of programs and events they are planning through the Calendar Module.
  • At the creation of each program proposal, organization users can opt-in to have the program automatically added to the Calendar, once the proposal is approved.
Files and Attachments

Files & Attachments

  • Management can upload resource files to the Dashboard (such as food order forms, purchase order requests, waiver forms, etc.)
  • Organization user accounts can attach files to Program Proposals (such as program fliers, photos, etc.)
  • Organization user accounts can attach files to Program Evaluations (such as program fliers, photos, receipts, etc.)

File Management is available for paid subscriptions, with an allotted file storage capacity.

Funding Requests

Funding Requests

  • Option to associate Funding Requests to Program Proposals
  • Multi-level approval: RA direct supervisor, Supervisor's Manager, and Business Office.
  • Configure Financial Accounts
  • Configure Payment Methods
  • Eight (8) ready-to-use reports to easily monitor Funding Requests

Funding Requests is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.



  • Create mentorship pairings between organization user accounts
  • Provide a digital journal for mentors and mentees to log their notes
  • Automatically see a list of programs planned by the pair

Mentors is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.



  • Track on-going staff training / in-services
  • Allow staff to submit in-service training
  • Take attendance of staff at in-service training sessions

In-Services is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.

Time Tracker

Time Tracker

  • Track staff member clock-in
  • Track staff member clock-out (optional)
  • View time logs per staff member

Time Tracker is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.

Equipment Items

Equipment Items

  • Track equipment items reserved
  • Track equipment items check-out and check-in
  • Configure equipment items list

Equipment Items is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.

Staff Forms

Staff Forms

  • Create forms for your organization user accounts, with open-ended questions, multiple-choice, checkboxes, and more.
  • Track their responses with automatic reporting

Staff Forms is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

  • Over eight (8) new workflows specifically tailored to Contact Tracing
  • Track identified symptomatic individuals, and log their recent contacts.
  • Track case contacts of identified symptomatic individuals.
  • Track daily follow-ups with Case Contacts to evaluate any possible symptoms. Provide your team with a structured, digital procedure for reporting symptoms.
  • Contact Journal: For individuals to take preventative steps to list the places they have been and the people they came in contact with at each place.
  • Automatic reminders for daily follow-ups and daily journal entriesby automated email
  • Six (6) ready-to-use reports

Contact Tracing is an add-on module available for paid subscriptions*.

We are regularly working
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and enhancements!

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